TU Munich

Der Technische Universität München (the University of Technology Munich or TU Munich) is a German research university located in Munich, Germany. Established in 1868, TU Munich is o­ne of the most esteemed universities in all of Germany. TU Munich graduates have gone o­n to be nominated for prestigious recognitions such as the Nobel Prize, the Pritzker Prize and the Gottfried Wilheim Leibniz Prize. TU Munich ranks among the world’s top engineering universities, earning a top group ranking in the DAAD’s Process and Chemical Engineering category.

Students studying in o­ne of TU Munich’s engineering programs will be located at the university’s Garching university, located in Bavaria within close proximity of Munich. The Garching location is also home to the university’s chemistry, mathematics and computer science students and boasts it’s own General Electric Company (NYSE: GE) research facility (GE Global Research-Europe). Labs at the General Electric Company facility include a high-power electronics lab, an alternative energy lab and an aerothermal technology lab.

Students living in the United States who wish to study at TU Munich may apply as international students - almost twenty percent of TU Munich’s twenty-three thousand students are international. TU Munich represents an excellent opportunity to study engineering whilst being surrounded by Germany’s unique culture and rich heritage. Students from within the European Union may apply for German BAFöG loans under certain conditions, but these loans are not available to American students unless they have held a job in Germany for five years prior to application.

With Germany’s prestigious global reputation for engineering and manufacturing excellence, TU Munich is a sound choice to begin or continue o­ne’s engineering education. If you’re willing to live abroad, it’s certainly worth your consideration.