Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers work within many fields associated with physics, mainly energy, force, and motion. A mechanical engineer can design and develop anything that is used as a machine. Airplanes, kitchen appliances, robotics, and manufacturing equipment are all examples of objects that have passed through the hands of a mechanical engineer. Some engineers work with their hands in machine shops or factories, while others will spend much of their day at a computer utilizing CAD software for their designs.

Mechanical engineering requires at least a bachelor’s degree, though some engineers will continue o­n to graduate school. It is recommended that prospective students within the United States choose a curriculum accredited by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology. Because mechanical engineering is heavily rooted in physical properties, students must complete advanced coursework in math and science, usually requiring extra calculus and physics classes. Additional classes in chemistry, biology, and statistics help form a strong scientific base for the engineering hopeful. Effective communication and written skills are essential, as many mechanical engineers work in teams and may be required to submit proposals or project updates to a senior team member. Duration of study is generally four years to acquire a Bachelor of Science degree, although job-specific demands may require additional coursework.

As is the case with most careers, the salary potential for an individual possessing a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering will vary with location and experience. The average pay a beginning engineer can expect is just over $40,000 a year. Senior engineers or those in a supervisory position can earn over $90,000. Some companies expect employees to work toward their master’s degree; these companies often provide tuition assistance or reimbursement for their employees. If a person wishes to register with his or her state as a mechanical engineer, he or she must possess a B.S.M.E. and about two years’ engineering experience. Here you can find some mechanical engineers jobs in germany.