Harvard University

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The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences allows students to focus o­n multiple disciplines of engineering while receiving an Ivy League education from o­ne of the world's most prestigious universities. The Engineering Department at Harvard strives to find the perfect combination of classroom learning, problem solving, and real-world experience/application to mold prospective students into some of the world's most sought-after engineers.

There are three different undergraduate concentrations for prospective students to major in. Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Engineering Science are the programs in which School of Engineering and Applied Sciences students can recognize an undergraduate degree in. In addition to the three aforementioned major concentrations, primary research areas for the Engineering School include Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Bioengineering, and Environmental Sciences and Engineering. Harvard also offers graduate programs which allow post-graduate students to receive their Master of Engineering Degree. Those students receiving their Master's Degree in Engineering Sciences can have their concentration be in any o­ne of the four primary research areas previously mentioned.

How does Harvard University stack up against other Universities around the world that are offering Engineering degrees? According to the latest data provided by "Science Watch," Harvard ranked #1 in Mechanical Engineering. In the discipline of Engineering and Computer Science, Harvard ranked second nationally in terms of citation impact, which relates to studies done by current faculty and students as well as graduated students of the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

There are also a number of distinguished Engineering graduates that have gone o­n to find success in their fields of choice. Harvard boasts 15 members in the National Academy of Engineering, including some that have administrative positions within the Academy. Some of the most distinguished and celebrated engineers in the entire world are men and women who received their Harvard Engineering Degree.

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So, if you are looking for a college that will challenge you to put your passion for engineering into practice, the Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences would be o­ne school to aspire towards. With many national awards and numerous faculty dignitaries, Harvard University's Engineering program has to be considered o­ne of the best worldwide.