Engineering Study - College or University

In the global scope of terminology, universities and colleges have very different meanings. In fact, the o­nly country where the meaning of college and university mean relatively the same thing is in the United States. This is largely due to the younger populous of the U.S. using the word "college" to describe any two to four year institution, even though the schools are differentiated by having University, or College in the name. In order to better understand the implications that the different types of schools have o­n the field of engineering, then o­ne must know the difference between "college" and "university."

The majority of the world's population perceive "college" as being a secondary school. This means that colleges are generally less prestigious than universities, and often their programs are o­nly two years in length. For anyone pursuing a career in engineering, this will have a large impact o­n the number of specializations you can pursue. Although you can get a general engineering degree from a college, you will not be able to obtain the necessary education for an advanced degree. In some countries, a degree obtained from college will have to be verified by a university.

The term "university" refers to a four year institution that has several different colleges available o­n campus. Due to its larger size and more qualified instructors, universities are often the choice of those looking to become the best at their profession. Universities also offer graduate programs which will lead to Master degrees, or a Doctorate. Not o­nly are the programs more prestigious, but universities offer several more learning opportunities to their students in the form of abroad studies and interaction with world leaders. Engineering is a very prestigious field, and due to its extensive nature, universities offer the best education to those looking for an advanced career in engineering.