Engineering Bachelor Degree

A Bachelor's Degree is the standard degree awarded by universities to students who graduate from a program, typically four years in length, in their desired field of study. Students with a Bachelor's degree will earn much more than an individual with an associates degree, and have more room for career advancement. Although the Bachelor's is not considered an advanced degree, it still has the same room for advancement as a Master's or a Doctorate. The o­nly drawback is that o­n the job training will be required to reach the level of education that someone with a Master's or a Doctorate has.

In Engineering, most students pursuing a Bachelor's Degree will decide their specialization after two years of study, and then move forward with their specialization the remaining two years. This will prepare the student for entry level positions in their field. While this will initially be entry level positions, most involved in the engineering field have degrees, and therefore there is much promoting from within. While it will take more time to get promoted than someone with a Master's or a Doctorate, the opportunity is still there with two to four less years of schooling.

Engineering is a very demanding major that will require more dedication than most other fields of study. It is for this reason that the starting salary for engineering majors is drastically higher than many other professions. It also means that obtaining your Bachelor's Degree will be more difficult than it would be in another field of study. The basis of engineering is math, so that will be a core subject of your curriculum. Upon choosing you specialization, more demanding coursework will be required for you to pass. While engineering can be a difficult major, it is also very rewarding, both in its financial gains, and it educational gains.