Construction Engineer

A student interested in becoming a vehicle construction engineer has many options available when it comes to picking the specific degree program. Some engineers in this field hold degrees in structural engineering, while others hold degrees in automotive engineering. It is also possible to enter the field with a civil engineering degree, but that degree alone may not prepare you for the challenges that come with being a vehicle construction engineer.

Undergraduate degree programs last for at least four years. An undergraduate degree is typically sufficient education to obtain a job in the field. A graduate degree will increase the job employment opportunities and will increase the pay you receive, as well.

For their undergraduate degree, many students choose to obtain a general engineering degree while taking courses in a specialized subject, such as automotive or structural engineering. This course of study will prepare the student for a variety of engineering job opportunities. True specialization will take place during a graduate program.

As part of an undergraduate degree program, you should be expected to study a variety of advanced math and science courses, including calculus, physics, statistics, geometry and chemistry. In addition to those courses, you will want to take as many advanced computer courses as you can, because the automotive engineering industry is relying o­n computers with increasing frequency.

You may be interested primarily in the outer construction of the vehicle, or you might be interested in internal vehicle construction. In either case, you will be expected to study what makes a car work, both inside and out. Most automotive engineering programs offer courses in engine principles and internal system design. Even if your focus is in a different engineering program, you should include these courses in your curriculum.