Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is the oldest branch of engineering, and is also the least academically taxing of the engineering specializations. Civil engineers will oversee the entire construction process, from the purchase of the land plot, to the drawing of the blueprints, and then the actual construction of the building. There is no limit to what the Civil Engineer will be asked to construct. It can be anything from a small residential home, an entire new addition to a suburb, or the design of the world's tallest skyscraper.

Civil Engineers are needed all over the world, and therefore graduates who specialize in this field will enjoy high employment rates. Due to the variety of jobs within this industry, there are varying levels of education needed for different positions. If a student o­nly wants to work o­n homes and other small projects, then a two year college degree could suffice. If a student want to design complex buildings or other structures for metropolitan areas, then a Bachelor's degree may be required. There are also several fields within the Civil Engineering industry that will require a Master's, or even a Doctorate. These positions are often for aeronautical construction, such as designing planes for a leading plane manufacturer, or for other large projects. Civil Engineers are also asked to construct bridges and other necessary structures, such as dams. Essentially, the larger and more complex the structure, the higher the educational requirements are.

Due to the broad scope of the Civil Engineering occupation, there will be several opportunities for advancement. This also means that students who pursue this field of expertise will have varying tasks throughout their careers, creating an evolving work environment. Students of the Civil Engineering program can attend school for two to eight years, and earn an Associates Degree, or a Doctorate. The Civil Engineering program is the most diverse of the engineering specializations, and encompasses a large portion of the general engineering industry.