Chemical Engineer

A Bacherlor's/Master's/Doctorate Degree in Chemical Engineering can prepare you for a career in many different industries. From pharmaceuticals to fine chemicals to work with semiconductors, chemical engineers usually hold some of the most respectable and highest paying positions in the aforementioned fields.

Chemical engineering involves the combination of chemistry with the study of physics and mathematics. Upon graduation from a university's degree program, the established chemical engineering student should be able to find a well-paying, highly respected job in numerous fields, including professorships at colleges/universities. Many of today's most celebrated chemical engineers are teaching at some of the most prestigious colleges all over the world. There are many governmental positions for the educated chemical engineer that deal with finding solutions for a safer, cleaner environment as well as designing chemical weaponry for use in military excursions.

A post-graduate degree is also a highly sought after distinction that many chemical engineers aspire towards. As we continue to develop modern technology and the way information is distributed, many colleges are now offering students the opportunity to earn their Master's Degree through o­nline programs. Some of the top engineering graduate schools in the nation, including North Carolina St., Auburn University, and the University of Southern California all currently offer students the opportunity to earn their graduate degree.

As can be expected with any engineering degree, the workload both during school and during your career is going to be difficult, taxing work, but the work that you are providing will make you the envy of your friends and family alike. Chemical engineering spans a wide array of the vocational spectrum from forensic chemistry to medical physicians. o­nly those truly interested in the field of chemical engineering should pursue a degree/career in this field, but it is a journey that will most assuredly be rewarding, both personally and financially.